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The Student Loan Lawyer’s Book

The Student Loan Lawyer’s Guide to Understanding Student Loans in Plain English.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said no one should pay for student loan assistance. They’re kinda right. What they really meant is that no one should NEED to pay for student loan assistance. Unfortunately, the industry makes it so difficult to understand options and circumstances that it’s hard to manage your loans on your own. I know because I’ve been the Student Loan Lawyer since 2008 and I’ve seen the struggles borrowers and their families go through.

With all the people I’ve spoken to, the most common truth isn’t that they can’t manage their loans. It’s really that they don’t understand or can’t identify the tools. Most people I speak with don’t need me after our 30-minute call. I help them understand how they got where they are and how to get back on the path to better manage their loans. If the industry did that, I wouldn’t be needed.

In an effort to help more people, to make sure you’ll never be one of my clients, I’ve written a book: The Student Loan Lawyer’s Guide to Understanding Student Loans in Plain English. That about sums it up. Understand your loans in Plain English! Here’s the Table of Contents:

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Student Loans
Chapter 1:  Types of Student Loans
Chapter 2:  The Student Loan Life Cycle
Chapter 3: Where to Locate your Student Loan Information
Chapter 4: Student Loan Entities and Their Roles
Chapter 5:  Types of Federal Loans
Chapter 6: Administrative Discharge of Federal Student Loans
Chapter 7: Default Consequences
Chapter 8: Get Your Loan Out of Default
Chapter 9:  Repayment Plans
Chapter 10:  Loan Forgiveness
Chapter 11: Deferments and Forbearance
Chapter 12: Student Loans for Medical Professionals
Chapter 13: Private Student Loans
Chapter 14: State Student Loans
Chapter 15: More About Student Loans and Bankruptcy
Chapter 16: Beware the Student Loan Scams
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You can order paperback or audio here.