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What Happens to your Student Loans when you file Bankruptcy

If you've read anything on the internet about student loans, you know bankruptcy probably can't help you. Discharging student loan debt through bankruptcy is not impossible, but it is difficult, for two reasons: 1) The test is draconian with no objective standard, and 2) It is often cost . . .
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Does the Government Shutdown affect Student Loan Collections?

VinothChandar / Foter / CC BYNow that the government is shut down, there is a great concern about how this affects collections of student loans, default or not.  We first need to clarify that the shutdown only affects government agencies.  Guarantee agencies like ECMC, Great Lakes, etc. are not . . .
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Private Student Loan Lender to the Rescue? Not Quite!

The Street ran an article today which I can only hope was their attempt at an April Fool's joke.  It's supposed to be a hopeful story about Sallie Mae creating a way for new borrowers to reduce their first year payments.  It's a crock! You see, what Sallie Mae offers is a year of interest only . . .
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