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Post-Election Chopping Block

Regardless of your emotional response to the election results, the question on your mind now is, "Now what?". Will student loan programs be axed? Will some be saved? The door is wide open to possibilities, but lets start with what the new President can and can't do. There are issues that are within . . .
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ITT Loan Escape Plans

If you're an ITT student, or know one, you know that ITT is closed effective September 6, 2016. No matter how it went down, the question you want answered now is what to do about your student loans. The short answer is, I really don't know. What follows is my suggestions, as The Student Loan Lawyer. . . .
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6 Lies Told by Student Loan Assistance Scamsters

I took a phone call today from a "student loan assistance company" on my personal phone. As the Student Loan Lawyer, I was intrigued. Perhaps the gentleman on the other end of the line had valuable information. After all, companies such as his are making a splash with student loan borrowers these . . .
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